A Love So True

by Kristi
My heart, as it has always known
Knows a true love for only you,
My soul calls out unto your heart
And speaks of a love so true.

Thru all your years before we met
My heart cried a song for you,
When you felt lost and all alone
The love of my heart was given to you.
When cloudy days turned bright again
And chased your blues away,
It was my soul who comforted you
And brightened up your day.
Though you never knew it
I’ve always been here for you,
Waiting within your lonely heart
For you to start anew.
Our days have passed in shadows
Of empty lonely nights,
And still I wait for you to see
My love that shines so bright.
Where have I been all of your life
You asked me one still and quiet morn’,
Right here I said, where I’ve always been
Tucked away within your heart.

Originally posted 2012-06-22 13:24:46.

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