Love Is

Love is caring, love is kind,
Love is fabulous to find.
Love is glowing, love is growing,
Love is surely shamelessly showing.
Love is danger, love is daring,
Love is shouldering and sharing.
Love is freedom, love is fun,
Love is shining like the sun.

Love is triumph, love is tears,
Love finds ways to fix our fears.
Love is gorgeous, love is grand,
Love holds out a helping hand.
Love is sweet, love is complete,
Love is every time we meet.
Love is dating, love is mating,
Love is rapturously relating.
Love is the hottest boy in town,
Love is creation’s most coveted crown.
Love is stable, love is strong,
Love is singing love’s special song.
Love is sight and love is sound,
Love proudly makes pure hearts pound.
Love is taste and love is smell,
Love teaches tender touch as well.
Love is fantastic, love is filling,
Love is wanted, warm and willing.
Love is sleeping, love is awake,
Love is every breath we take.
Love loves body, mind and soul,
Love is sharing a similar goal.
Love is giving, love is forgiving,
Love is the only way of living.
Love is old and love is new,
Love is everything we do.
Love is trusting, love is true,
Love is writing this poem to you.

Originally posted 2013-03-07 16:31:09.

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