Love is like a butterfly. If you chase it, it will fly away, but if you let it fly, it will come when you less expect it.
Love makes you happy, but it also often makes you sad.
Love is valuable when you give it to someone who appreciate it. So don’t choose too quickly but choose the best.

Love is not a matter of how to be a “perfect” couple for someone, but it’s the matter to find someone who can help you to be yourself.
Love is not blaming your spouse, it’s modest.
Love is always be there for the one you love. Love is to understand, it’s “I love you just the way you are.”
Don’t ever say ” I love you” if you don’t care. Don’t ever talk about a feeling that never exist.
Don’t touch someone’s life if it will break her heart. Don’t look into her eyes if all you want is just to tell her a lie.
The cruelest thing to do is make someone fall in love and you never want to catch it..!
It will hurt you to see someone you love living a happy life with someone else,
but it will hurt you more to see the one you love is not happy living with you.
And it will hurt you more if the one you love forgets you.
But it hurt you even deeper when the one you love doesn’t know what you’re feeling.
The saddest thing in life is to meet someone, felt in love but then find out that he’s not for you and never appreciate you.
But if he’s not worth it now, he will not worth it 10 years later so just let him go….
Once you missed it, love never comes back, so pray for it.

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